Biocoin (BIO)

Тип продукта: Платформа

Отрасль: Финансовый сервис

Описание: BioCoin блокчейн-платформа и международная система лояльности для зелёных и эко-бизнесов


PRESALE: 25.09.2017-08.10.2017 50Bio = 1USD

PRESALE: 09.10.2017-31.10.2017 45Bio = 1USD

SALE: 01.11.2017-02.11.2017 40Bio = 1USD

SALE: 03.11.2017-30.11.2017 35Bio = 1USD

SALE: 01.12.2017-31.01.2018 31.5Bio = 1USD

SALE: 01.02.2018-18.02.2018 24Bio = 1USD



BioCoin: satisfactory level of investment attractiveness

The DigRate team has assigned A2 rating score of investment attractiveness to BioCoin project, launched by the farm cooperative LavkaLavka: medium-to-high probability of investment return, considerable sensitivity to market environment.

BioCoin sets itself the global goal of uniting farms and companies that promote the principles of green economy into a single platform based on an international loyalty system. The undoubted advantage of the project is its social orientation, as well as the ability to use BIO tokens immediately after the acquisition. We conducted a detailed analysis of BioCoin and described all the pros and cons that are still present in the project. The DigRate team reminds that investments in any crypto asset content high risk in it.

HIGH – Quality

BioCoin: "LOW" fraud risk

The DigRate team ranked the farmer brand LavkaLavka as Fraud Rate Low.

LavkaLavka launched its own BIO cryptocurrency and BioCoin platform based on the international loyalty system. Despite the fact that the road map is not detailed enough, the founders have a great chance to implement the project. As part of the current business, LavkaLavka integrates BioCoin, which will be used as a certificate for LavkaLavka products.

The company has already conducted a number of test sales and has been verified by the Russian prosecutor's office. BioCoin, which unites not only manufacturers but also product sellers will allow to certify and track the movement of the product to the final buyer. ICO LavkaLavka will be the first to be held on the Voskhod investment system. Boris Akimov, congratulations!

Отчёты аналитиков

Анализ и рейтингование ICO BioCoin было создано компанией DigRate -

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